Tucson Adventure Workshop!

Tucson, Arizona

March 6 – 9

8 Spots Available


What do we have in store for you!!

-Camping at Molino Basin on Mt. Lemmon

-Climbing in Mount Lemmon Area

-Polar Plunge with ice (yes, ICE)

-Facing Fears Challenge

-Hike up to Tanque Verde Falls, Seven Falls or Hutch’s pool (its the desert, you never know where the water is)

-Mindful Movement Exercises

-Radical Expression Tasks

-Ecstatic Dance Class

-Health is True Wealth Conversation

-Individual Voila Sessions with John

-Photography of all adventures from Nicolette

Tanque Verde Falls (water level depends on amount of rain from monsoon season)

Outdoor Rock Climbing – Mt. Lemmon

Have you ever been before.. No? Great! We can’t wait to guide you. You have been.. even better! What another great opportunity to get outside again and push your abilities! Within our climbing adventure we will show you safe climbing procedures, teach you knots and safety tie offs & set up top roping routes to give you an experience you’ll never forget! The equipment and gear is included! All you need to do is show up!! Scared to climb? AWESOME! Lets conquer that fear!!! Climb as high as you are comfortable, this is a safe space and we will never force you to do anything.. just push you to edge that comfort zone! Our climbing adventure will take up an afternoon! Happy Climbing!


Cold Water Therapy

Does this seem crazy? Why yes it is.. but once you hear the benefits and feel how amazing your body feels after.. you won’t think its crazy at all! We will guide you on proper breathing technique to conquer your mind when getting in cold water and again we will never force you to do anything, simply encourage you to push that boundary. You are probably asking why.. why the heck would anyone do this!! We include this activity because it’s part of the facing our fears challenge and our get comfortable being uncomfortable motto. Once you realize that you are in control of your body and mind, you become an unstoppable goddess capable of conquering anything!!


This adventure is pretty self explanatory! Hiking is hiking, but we made sure to find a hike that is filled with scenic views that is challenging yet doable for all hiking levels.

Mindful Movement Exercises

Movement is the key to staying healthy. Every morning we will lead you through a series of qi gong, yoga and radical movement exercises to loosen your body and prep you for the day! Our goal is for you to take these simple movements home and implement them into your daily routine to create healthy movement habits! These movement sessions will only last about 15-30 minutes every morning!



We think we know how to breathe right? But how often do you consciously breathe? How often do you breathe deep for an extended period of time? Probably not as often as you should! After our movement session, we will guide you through a series of breath work sessions. So what does that mean? We simply breath! Through series of deep inhales and exhales over a few minute period you will be saturating your body with oxygen, helping your body move blood and lymph through your body. Your body will begin to buzz with energy loosening up your joints and muscles even more then movement practices can!



Is mediation something new for you? Awesome! Mediation isn’t woo woo or weird or something that only yogis do. Most of us mediate on a daily basis and we don’t even know it! Ever stand in the shower and just think for a minute because you just need to? What about laying in bed at the end of the day just decompressing from everything you experience that day. Thats your brain organizing its thoughts… otherwise knowns as mediation. Meditation has a misconception of sitting there trying not to think of anything, clear you mind as they say – well you can’t clear your mind until you organize your thoughts. We will guide you through a few mediations during the workshop. If meditation is in your daily routine – awesome, if not, we hope this is an amazing new experience for you!


Individual Voila Sessions with John

John is a certified voila practitioner. What is voila you ask? Its structural, physical and mental body alignment. Through voila John can alleviate aches, pains, emotional blockages and so so so much more. Its basically magic.. thats why its called voila! The session is similar to a massage, reiki or chiropractic session all combined into one! After the session you will be lifted of all heavy baggage that might be weighing on your life!


Photography of all adventures from Nicolette

From this trip you will receive an entire gallery of photos from the trip! This is literally like having a professional photographer follow you around will you are conquering some cool sh$t.



We will provide 3 meals a day + snacks! Everything we will provide will be 100% organic whole food, cooked from scratch. While cooking we like to educate on the importance of a healthy diet and why it’s so important to eat organic and give you tips and tricks on where to shop and easy quick meals. Some meals will be veggie or vegan and some might have a protein option! Now breakfast and lunch will be a bit on the smaller size, normally we do yogurt/smoothie bowls, egg Sammies or breakfast burritos. Lunch will be picnic style and taken on the go & packed in your backpack as we will be hiking or climbing during lunch. Normally we do sandwiches or burritos with sides of veggies, hummus & snack food. If there are any snacks that you want specifically grab on your own you are free to do so when we get to Sedona. Dinners will be on the larger size and normally we eat a bit later around 7 or 8pm. We try to do an array of types of meals such as Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Italian etc. Our hope is to introduce you to meals or foods that might be new or intriguing for you and you take them home with you to incorporate into your daily diet.


Whats the point!?

I’m so glad you asked!

We want to challenge you to GROW. You should always be striving to grow and mold into the best person you can possibly become each and everyday.. because if you’re not growing/learning/experiencing/overcoming fears.. I ask you.. what are you doing? What’s your point? Thats our cold truth of a question. Sometimes I feel like we can get stuck in the mundane routines of our lives where we forget to work on ourselves or simply reward ourselves. We want to help you design your dream by delving deep into yourself. We will challenge you to overcome fears in the physical through adventure, all the while tapping into the mental, hopefully overcoming blockages. We will strive to achieve this through various exercises and activities that might be UNCOMFORTABLE; whether thats climbing on a mountain or unloading some built up emotions, we hope it will push you to a place in your soul you’ve yet to meet. Trust me, John and I don’t have it all figured out.. but we have accumulated our experiences through adventure and self work, bundled them together to give you an experience that is different and BOLD. This is meant to be an intimate trip that will be filled with adventure, hopefully some self healing and ultimately an experience that is unforgettable. I hope you will join us.

Where you will be staying.


Camping will be at Molino Basin. This campground is halfway up mountain and is in between the desert valley and mountain peak!

Things you should know!

  • This workshop is literally for anyone… as long as you’re will to step into the unknown and try something new!!
  • You don’t need to know how to climb.
  • We do not care your age!
  • We don’t even care if you’ve never been hiking before.
  • If you follow John on social media.. then you already know we will be breathing and moving!
  • You can come alone. This is for you. Bring a friend if you’d feel more comfortable, but remember this is all about challenging your un-comfortability.
  • Fly in or arrive in Tucson on the 6th of March. Workshop will begin that evening. Leave on the 9th of March. Workshop will wrap up in the morning!


What’s Included:

  • Lodging
  • 3 Meals a day & Snacks!
  • Transportation from Phoenix to Tucson
  • Climbing Gear
  • Guiding & workshop curriculum
  • Camping Equip if you need.

What’s not included:

  • Transportation to Phoenix or Tucson
    • If you are flying please make sure flights land in Phoenix or Tucson before 4pm to allow for drive time.
    • If you are driving please make sure you are comfortable driving in the mountains or let one of us know and we try to accommodate you!

Pricing Comparison!

We wanted to give you a price breakdown of what an experience like this would cost you if you booked it all on your own!

Guided Climbing Adventure from commercial gym in Tucson- $235/person (includes equipment)

Movement/yoga class – $30 a class x 3 – $90

Breathing Sessions – $25 a session x 3 – $75

Guide for a hiking excursion – $145-$245 a person

Guided Cold water immersion session – $40

Guided mediation – $40 a session x 2 = $80

1 hour Voila Session from John – $100

ONE HOUR photography session from Nicolette (you’re getting 4 days!!!)  – $250

Breakfast, lunch & dinner on vacation – $10-25 a meal x 3 = $30-75 a day x 4 days = $120 – 300. Approx $200

Rental Car – $150 a day x 4 = $600

Lodging & Camping Rentals – $100 a night x 3 = $300

4 day trip total – $2170

Our price!



$450 when you sign up with a friend!

Payment is via PayPal so your payment is protected

Packing List:

  • Tent, sleeping bag & sleeping pad (let us know if you don’t have one)
  • Hiking Boots or Sandals
  • Layers (Average Temp is 67 degrees during the day but can get chilly at night!)
  • Swimsuit
  • Lightweight or packable Towel
  • Hiking Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • Any Snacks you might want (some snacks will be provided)
  • Socks, don’t forget these – I always do.
  • Climbing gear if you own any!
  • Climbing clothes – shorts aren’t always the best idea because you might scrape your knees! Lightweight pants or leggings are good. And then tank top or t shirt! WEAR BRIGHT COLORS SO YOU DONT BLEND INTO THE WALL FOR PHOTOS 🙂 Bring shorts up if you get hot and you can change into them!!  



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