Fly Fishing

Fly(fish)ing through Nebraska

When it comes to the splendor, art, science and beauty of fly fishing, I am oftentimes pondering the notion of why? Why do I really do this? Why do I spend weeks on end searching for a new hole? Why do I devote time thumbing through which fly to use? Why do I find myself

“Man that must be the life!”

As much as it was a dream and we were “living the life”, I come to write today to explain how it wasn’t really my “ideal life”. We didn’t necessarily set out to do this in an attempt to make this our full-time living situation but it was more so an experiment of experiences to

Fly Through Nebraska | Bobcat

Bobcat WMA and Plum Creek WMA on Plum Creek Plum Creek, wow, what a place! This was probably my favorite stream to fish where I never caught a fish. Hell, I really don’t know if there were even fish in the water, but it was as almighty of a place that I have been too.