Van Flip| Ep. 8 | Cedar Cedar Cedar



We have a table & countertop! We used some “bacon wrapped” cedar as our material, 1. because of the aesthetic & 2. because its a very light wood compared to a MDF covered laminate or stone top. We need to make sure we are being very conscious of the weight we are putting in with our material choice so this was the best solution for us! Follow along as we piece together our surfaces!

Materials List

Cedar – 9 Planks of rough edge cedar

2 x 4’s – 1 cut in half for our lip for the table to sit on

Sink – Gifted to us from a friend 🙂

Faucet – Still searching, anyone have any ideas?!

Tools Used

Drill – Pre drill holes & then used to screw

Table saw – rip boards down to desired width

Chop saw – cut boards to length

Planar – Because wood is imperfect we used this to sand down the boards to the exact thickness.

Skill Saw – Cut out sink notches in long boards

Jig Saw- round out the corners for the sink opening

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