Van Flip | Ep. 3 | Spray Foam

This episode is pretty much going over how we spray foam insulated our van along with where we got our carpet. We ended up using 4 great stuff cans & 4 fill & seal cans. Your van might need a lot more but we will eventually fill in the other spaces with fiberglass insulation. Never buy new carpet!! Watch to find out the secret!

Spray Foam Affiliate Links

Great Stuff Pro – GREAT STUFF PRO Gaps & Cracks 24 oz Insulating Foam Sealant

Fill and Seal Expanding Foam (to fill out gaps that are hard to reach)- DOW CHEMICAL 157859 12 oz Foam Sealant

Great Stuff Gun Cleaner – GREAT STUFF PRO Dispensing Gun Cleaner, 12oz

Spray foam gun – We were fortunate that we didn’t need to buy one of these because we used John’s dads’ but heres a link for a one we would have ordered if we needed. Foam Gun, ATISTORE Pu Expanding Foaming Gun, Caulking Gun Metal Body Pro Heavy Duty Grade Expanding Spray Application Applicator for Caulking, Filling, Sealing, Home School Office Use

Look out for Full List of Materials blog when finished with the van!

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