Utah Adventure Workshop

I’m not quite sure how to begin when sharing the experience with hosting our first  adventure workshop in Utah. I’m literally at a loss of words other than it was better than we could have ever imagined and it happened just the way it was supposed to.

We were blessed with 3 individuals who joined up. All were strangers to each other yet acquaintances to us. I say acquaintances because at the time we didn’t know each other very well either! And the word acquaintance quickly flew out the window and turned into deeper friendship. The growth of these 3 as well as ourselves over the short 3 days was truly incredible. The photos and videos don’t even begin to show the laughs, tears and deep conversation had throughout the workshop.

To give you an idea of what we did at the workshop, without spoiling too much, goes a little something like this. We’d wake up and start our day with a movement, breathing or  mediation exercise of the sort. This would eventually lead into conversation that continued on through breakfast. We’d head out for the planned activity of the day, hiking, climbing, polar plunging, etc, which would take up majority of the day. Connection, adventure, love, passion, conversation, self confidence – that’s what we aimed to achieve on our days. And that’s exactly what we did. Post adventure we’d head back, delve up our dreams, look deeper into ourselves & share with the support from others. We’d cook a mean dinner which was always followed by a match of cards & a hot tub soak. Laughs, tears and emotions were shared.

We were just 5 strangers who all had a similar interest in the outdoors and delving deeper into ourselves. John and I became the facilitators in creating a space for like minded people to just come together and try something new. And thats exactly what we were shooting for. On our end it was a dream come true.

By day 3, we had all gotten to know one and other pretty well. Our dreams became a little more distinct and our auras began to grow and literally illuminate themselves to the naked eye. To see that growth was nothing short of beautiful.  “My dream is to live in awe.” was a phrase that blew us away and ultimately gave us the chills. “My dream is to experience – I am powerful, strong & capable” “My dream is to provide security” These were the things we began to discover and find the place to fine tune and hone in on our values in life.


It truly is hard to put into words the growth and sense of love that was felt at this workshop. But maybe that’s just how it supposed to be, the lack of words and explanation keeps it mysterious. And maybe that means its just something you will have to come feel for yourself.



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