Idaho Adventure Workshop

Round number two was located just north of Boise, Idaho that afforded a lot of access to incredible scenery, forested mountains, and an abundance of fresh, cold water sources, which you know we love to get in! But even deeper than all of that, this place homed a gathering of 6 people who found an instantaneous connection of profound conversation, immaculate self development, and relationships that will last a lifetime.


Aside from the adventure – yes rock climbing, beautiful hikes, and soaking in hot and cold springs are always memorable and each bring along discomfort to get comfortable with which empowers everyone to find peace and joy in the moment – I can assuredly say every single one of us overcame some sort of obstacle that was in our way. And I’m not just talking about the physical one of a rock wall or that of a steep hike. I’m referring to the one in our minds!

You know, something really unique happens when you bring a group of strangers together and you ask them to get to know one another through challenging experiences. You begin to see a part of yourself in everyone’s experience. You notice how they deal with discomfort. You become aware of what they are feeling. You discover how you handle things differently and that maybe there is another way to see a challenge. You really begin to empathize with and gain a new perspective of how to deal with your shit. The thing is, we all have our bullshit that we have to filter through and overcome. And everyone’s is different. Even if someone projects they have all of their shit together, there still may be a demon they are fighting deep within. 

It might be an insecurity of self love, it may be a lack of confidence, it may be feelings of low self worth, or even a fight of crippling doubt. But, when a group of people are asked to be vulnerable together in trying new things, being pushed to mental limits, or encouraged to let go and simply share what is coming up all of our shit that we have repressed for so long has no choice but to come out. And what happens when it comes out? Well we say, screw that! You are no longer needed. You longer serve a purpose in my life and I choose Strength, Courage, Love and Confidence!


I’ll be honest though, Nicolette and I have done a lot and I mean a lot of our own self work filtering through our own B.S. prior to hosting these workshops and to be frank, we didn’t know how it would all work out. And I still don’t really even know why or how it works. Sure there’s a game plan and the itinerary is a big part of it all. But what has come out of these experiences is truly magic. It’s mysterious. It’s unexplainable. And it works! There is no need to figure out why or how, just that it does. That is the beauty of it all.

So if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, this isn’t for you! We all go to work. This is a challenge! This is a time for you to remove obstacles from you life that are holding you back. Yes, you will have fun! Yes, you will gain peace. You will feel ALIVE and will learn a lot! Not just about yourself, but about others as well. You will learn how to bring more passion and purpose into your life and you will connect and develop deep and meaningful [real]ationships that will stick with you longer that the memory of climbing a wall or hiking a trail. These are the things that matter.


Now, who’s ready to go to work!!

Click here to see the full photo gallery!

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