Fly Through Nebraska | Elm Creek

Many think Nebraska is just a fly over state, so instead were flying through.. fly fishing through anyway! Our first stop at Elm Creek wasn’t as fruitful as we had hoped but for any fisherman who can time it out during the prime stocking times we hope this helps! After our stop to Elm Creek we spent the evening in North Platte at Lake Maloney!


Take road 1600 to elm creek wma

Can park at the wma lot and walk down road to the T (south). Then head east along the management area and you will see a bridge where the creek goes underneath. This is a good access point and from here you can just follow it upstream and fish. Otherwise you can continue past the bridge and head toward the train tracks. I thought it was best accessible by walking along tracks and entering in along there.  

Although I didn’t come across any spotting of trout, the creek was cold and crystal clear. Either the fish hadn’t been restocked yet or they traveled on due to low water in the sand and graveled bed stream. This stream was about 8 to 12 feet wide with few deeper holes around some bends.

From what I know, this is a put and take river so everything you catch your supposed to take with you. And apparently it is stocked every March and September with about 500-1000 keeper trout. I wish I had some more information, but then again don’t we all!

Below are some maps!

Elm Creek Map

Elm Creeksat



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