Estes Engagement!

Earlier this year in May, we started out our month long van trip heading to Colorado first for a couple different reasons! The first reason being that we were in on a surprise proposal by one of Johns closest friends in Estes Park & the second reason for Neighborhood offshores; a super sick women owned boutique & board shop out of Omaha, Nebraska – more to come on that later!


So let me tell you the story of the proposal.. because it find it hilariously perfect! Ryan’s family has a cabin up in Estes Park, Colorado that Ryan & Allie have spent many summer vacations at over the years and it has easily become one of their favorite spots! Literally 200ft from the cabin sits Rocky Mountain National Park & Copeland Lake – again favorite hangout spot and beginning of an incredible hike!

Allie & Ryan get invited to go on vacation with a their friend Sam to Denver. Ryan declines, tells Allie to go and sees this as an opportunity to make the gesture. So day of the trip comes, Ryan has to be extremely careful to make it look like he’s not going, so he can’t do laundry, can’t tune up the car, can’t figure out who’s watching Cogji (they’re pup), secretly had to get a haircut (which he’s refused to do I guess), nothing! Allie leaves with Sam and Ryan throws all his laundry in the washer, gets a rental car, finishes the rest of the errands and is on the road a few hours later headed to Colorado, careful not to pass them on the interstate!


Prior to this, it just so happened that John and I were going to be in Colorado this same exact day, driving on the interstate at the same exact time! So Ryan asked us to be there and take photos of the proposal which we were so ecstatic to do!! But this means we also had to be super careful about not spilling the beans or passing them on the interstate or posting that we were headed to Estes on any social media. Also, we literally see Allie about twice a week.. and I’m the WORST secret keeper ever!! This was extremely hard!

So anyway, Allie was staying in Denver with Sam that night and heading up to Estes in the morning for a day hike, while the rest of us crashed at the cabin! Sam convinced her that she just really wanted to see the cabin & where they hung out in the summers. She was in on the proposal so her job was to just get Allie up the mountain.

Let me paint this picture for you. It’s May, in the mountains and it didn’t stop snowing this year til almost July. All the trails are still covered with snow and a lot of national park roads aren’t even plowed!

The cabin wasn’t even ready as they don’t winterize their cabin.  So here we are, having a good old slumber party on the floor in front of the roaring fireplace and trying to keep warm. It actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds and we actually all slept great! If Allie would have looked up the hike online she would have seen that there was still a ton of snow in the mountains and it was closed!


So now for the moment of truth – did Ryan pull it off? We moved the cars from the cabin, locked it up (you can literally see our tire tracks in the driveway in the snow) and were waiting by Copeland Lake! Here comes Allie & Sam driving by the lake headed to the closed trailhead dressed in their winter hiking gear at all with Ryan waiting by the road.


All Allie could do was start crying and it took her a minute to get out of the car because she was shaking from so much excitement. Ryan walked her closer to the lake, bent down, asked her to marry him and sealed the deal with some champagne at one of their favorite spots! It was the cutest thing I ever did see.

The best news is they’re getting married at this exact same spot later next year and John and I can’t wait to be apart of that special day as well.

If you’d like to see the full photo gallery click here!!


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