Buena Vista!!!

Okay Buena Vista.. how did we end up here!? So after helping our friends surprise engagement in Estes Park, we headed down to Buena Vista to meet up with our friends from Neighborhood Offshores!

Little background about Neighborhood Offshores because its a must, must tell! Neighborhood offshores is the cutest and raddest little boutique and board shop in the Omaha, Nebraska! Yes NEBRASKA! They have a store front on 72nd & L as well as a pop up shop at Flanagan Lake and they just do it all! From kayak & stand up paddle board rentals to paddle yoga classes to Costa Rica surf retreats to kids camps to retail and everything in between – they are your water sport/skateboard/water adventure crew! I linked up with them earlier this year to help create some video content for their shop – thus how we ended up in Buena!

Buena Vista is a known spot for river & lake paddling and they are beginning to host guided trips out that way!! So since we just so happened to be in the area the same time as they were finishing up some training courses soooooo we swung on by and created this amazing video for them!! ⬇️⬇️ for them to use when they launch their retreats!

They showed us their favorite campsites, headed to the lake, spent an evening drinking some local brews, exchanging stories and even we experienced sunshine & snow in a time span of 20 minutes while shooting this video!


If you’re interested and want more on Neighborhood Offshores and what they do and provide for the community heres some more video & photo content from me! They are an amazing women owned and run business toooooo rad to be passed by!! If you’d like their direct website click this!!

Additionally, I need to tell you about our good friend Don. We decided to camp at Neighborhood Offshores favorite campsite and the next morning, John wanted to do make sure the van was all tuned up and topped off after her first mountain pass trek! So as he’s laying underneath her, up walks Don just checking in to make sure we didn’t need any tools or help!


Originally from New York, Don is 82 years old nomad hippy who lives in his camper most the year traveling around through Texas, Colorado & pretty much every state besides Alaska & Hawaii. Don loves to tell stories and we were willing to listen. Eventually our conversation lead to him mentioning his arrow & knife collection which we SO wanted to see! While on the road Don pans for gold in the rivers which leads to him finding all sorts of treasures along the river banks such as the arrow heads. Being part Cherokee, he has a huge connection to nature, hunting, his heritage & the land. He’s a craftsman; carving knife handles, creating bone jewelry as well as that handmade leather vest.

Story after story, hour after hour we felt like we’ve known Don for a life time and left as great friends. We still have his phone number and definitely plan on calling him in the future! We also printed up the photos attached to this blog and gave them to him the next day before we left!!

We learned that kindred spirits don’t have an age limit and if you’re just willing to listen you never know what you will learn.


To our youth, to you, those our own age, listen. Don’t be afraid to talk. Don’t be afraid to socialize and get outside of your comfort zone. As cool as Buena Vista is, it’s very boujie, folks our own age keep to themselves and have a hard time just being friendly. Share, talk, laugh & be kind. You never know who you will stumble across.
Thank you for sharing your story with us Don.


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