Elopement Planning with Life Unbound

We understand that adventure elopements and adventure weddings are not for everyone, but if you’re intrigued by the idea.. I wanted to give you some more information on what your day might look like or answer some questions you might have!

So what does my adventure elopement or intimate wedding look like?

Really this day is all about you. It can be what ever you want it to look like – I know that sounds cliche, but its true! We could start the day off with a sunrise hike (wedding apparel in pack) going to your favorite lookout point. Get dressed and do your first look as the sun is peaking over the horizon, reveling that incredible backdrop. Bring your best man & maid of honor if you’d like or do your first look alone – like I said its up to you. We could hike to a different, more accessible location for your actual ceremony where your guests will join you in the exchanging of your vows. The pronouncement will happen and we can then join you at a reception lunch or maybe you continue exploring the rest of the day!

What if I’m not a good hiker, or I want my grandparents to come and they’re not in shape to hike?

What if you swapped out hiking with jeeping or atvs? What if you took a helicopter?! This is your day and having a smaller guest list allows you to have the freedom spend your money on things you might not splurge to do ever again! Hiking is definitely the most popular option but not all views are a hike away!! Just let us know what you need and we will help you figure out logistics!

How long is a typical elopement?

There are a few different packages we are offering all with customizable timelines. Here’s what a day might look like.

4-6 hours – Start the day off with a hike (5 miles & under round trip – starting in the dark) and aligning the shoot with the sunrise. Doing the first look at the lookout point of the hike and taking some incredible portraits! Head back to a different location for your guests to meet or just a different location in general to perform the ceremony! 4-6 hours is plenty of time to account for all the hiking and location changes all while still getting the photo you desire and enough time to not feel rushed for the ceremony.

8-10 hours- Maybe you want to do a helicopter tour that takes you up to a vantage point that isn’t accessible by hiking. Maybe you want to do a hot air balloon tour or a rappelling trip in your wedding gown and then do the ceremony in the afternoon – this is what the 8-10 hours would look like. We won’t be posing and shooting photos the whole time but moreso allowing time for the adventures to happen and capturing the candids in between!!

Multi-day- Maybe you choose to go somewhere you’ve never been for your elopement or to a foreign country and want to make sure you have enough time to actually enjoy your location and make the most of it! You don’t want things to be rushed for you or your guests – so the multi day package might be what you need. Maybe the first day is your “wedding day” & the second day is your “honeymoon” where you explore and want photos of! Maybe you adventure the first day with your guests – jeeping, hot air ballooning, hiking, do the ceremony & the next day you do something alone – backpacking trip, climbing, skydiving – whatever your heart desires! Again the freedom to do whatever please!

How many guests can I bring?

If you choose to have you ceremony in a National Park, every park is different and has a certain maximum guest requirement! I can help you find this information when planning your wedding!! If you don’t choose to have your ceremony in a national park, then the number is really up to you! Typically 40 guests & under is ideal for an intimate wedding!


If you have any other questions, please please please don’t hesitate to ask!! Head back to the pricing page to fill out the contact form! I’d be happy to answer any other questions!